Cookie policy

A cookie is a small text file that can be stored on your computer when you visit websites.

What is a cookie ?

Information is saved in this text file, such as your choice of language on a website. When you visit the website later again, this cookie returns to the concerned website. In this way, the website recognizes your browser and can for example retain your choice of language.

Cookies usually also have an expiration date. For example, some cookies are automatically deleted when you close your browser (so-called session cookies), while others can be stored longer on your computer, sometimes until you delete them manually (so-called permanent cookies).

Why do we use cookies ?

This site uses essential and functional cookies. These cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of this website. It is not possible to refuse these cookies if you want to visit our website.

List of essential cookies

These cookies are necessary for purely technical reasons for a normal visit of the website. These cookies are saved from the moment you access a certain page of this website.

Name Purpose
_GRECAPTCHA This cookie is set by reCAPTACHA V2 from the moment you're visiting our "About us" page. reCAPTCHA V2 helps us reduce the amount of spam messages we receive through our contact form.

List of functionnal cookies

You cannot block these cookies if you want to access this website, but they are saved only after a choice is made concerning the placement of cookies.

Name Purpose
cookieConsent This cookie is placed after you've clicked the "OK" button from our cookie policy notification. This cookie simply stores the value "1" and allows this site to stop showing this notification on your next visit.