Taking into account the specific needs of each organization, we delivered several Hexapp applications to the delight of our customers. Our digital transformation projects cover the entire spectrum of management software.

Quality Management - QSE

Hexapp originated in the field of quality and process control. We have implemented various custom IT solutions for quality management with Hexapp.

These systems govern the various aspects of the ISO 9001 standard: KPI monitoring, risk management, nonconformities, action plans, skills management, management reviews, etc.

Document Management

The document base is the cornerstone of ISO 9001 certified organizational management, supporting all processes. It includes document classifications, templates, iterative versioning with the preparation and publishing workflow, the configuration of distribution and confidentiality, validity monitoring, content indexing, and more.

We have deployed more than a dozen document management solutions and developed migration tools from legacy technologies. Each has been tailored to match the specific operations of every customer.

Smile Booklets 2.0

"Smile Booklets" are questionnaires aimed at assessing the satisfaction of people with disabilities. Since early 2019, TICUP is in charge of the RAQ New window's "Smile Booklets" digitalisation. The objective is to bring the paper version of these surveys available on the various electronic formats.

The Smile app includes a fully accessible, multilingual public site that allows users to register and respond to questionnaires. Behind the scenes, Hexapp offers a complete portal for managing site content, users and reports.


ERPs and CRMs have been the pioneers of early digitalisation. However, these can not always meet all the needs and specificities of their users. Hexapp is able to complement these tools.

In addition, there is still a vast gray area between these platforms, yet to be explored and computerised. Here again, the flexibility of Hexapp has allowed us to meet the needs of our customers.

Several Hexapp applications have been developed in that segment: materials management, metrology, customer complaint tracking, litigation analysis, manufacturing planning, inspection rounds, ...

Interested in any of these solutions? In need of a new application for your intranet?

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